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Date Topic Name
2011-12-07Perl: Lesson 1: Basic print statement, variable assignment, and stdin
2011-12-14Perl: Lesson 2: Basic loops: for, while, and foreach
2012-01-04Perl: Lesson 3: Learning about IF/ELSE Statements
2013-03-26Perl: Lesson 4: Using IF/ELSE Statements To Examine Strings
2013-04-02Perl: Lesson 5: Writing Basic Subroutines
2013-04-03Perl: Lesson 6: Parsing /etc/passwd with split
2013-04-10Perl: Lesson 7: Extracting with split, binding operator =~, & back references
2013-04-16Perl: Lesson 8: Policy Part 1: Parsing /etc/login.defs
2013-04-23Perl: Lesson 9: Policy Part 2: Parsing /etc/ssh/sshd_config
2013-04-30Perl: Lesson 10: Policy Part 3: Parsing /etc/shadow
2013-05-08Perl: Lesson 11: Policy Part 4: Parsing /etc/passwd
2013-05-15Perl: Lesson 12: Policy Part 5: Operating System Resource Permission Checking
2013-05-22Perl: Lesson 13: Policy Part 6: Interrogate Local Listening Services