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Date Topic Name
2013-06-24Mutillidae: Lesson 1: How to Install Mutillidae on Fedora 14
2013-07-01Mutillidae: Lesson 2: Command Injection Database Interrogation
2013-07-08Mutillidae: Lesson 3: Command Injection Netcat Session
2013-07-15Mutillidae: Lesson 4: Brute Force Using Burp Suite and
2013-07-22Mutillidae: Lesson 5: Manual SQL Injection with Firebug
2013-07-29Mutillidae: Lesson 6: SQL Injection, Burpsuite, cURL, Man-In-The-Middle Attack
2013-08-04Mutillidae: Lesson 7: SQL Injection, Burpsuite, cURL, Perl Parser
2013-08-05Mutillidae: Lesson 8: SQL Injection Union Exploit #1
2013-08-11Mutillidae: Lesson 9: SQL Injection Union Exploit #2 (Create Output File)
2013-08-19Mutillidae: Lesson 10: SQL Injection Union Exploit #3 (Create PHP Execution Script)
2013-09-25Mutillidae: Lesson 11: SQL Injection Union Exploit #4 (Create PHP Upload Script)
2013-10-03Mutillidae: Lesson 12: SQL Injection with sqlmap, tamper data & burpsuite
2013-10-17Mutillidae: Lesson 13: Reflected Cross Site Scripting Injection #1, Man-In-The-Middle Attack
2013-10-31Mutillidae: Lesson 14: Persistent Cross Site Scripting Injection #1
2013-11-07Mutillidae: Lesson 15: Man-in-the-Middle, Persistent Covert Cross Site Scripting Injection #2
2013-11-14Mutillidae: Lesson 16: Persistent Covert Cross Site Scripting Injection with Metasploit #3
2013-11-21Mutillidae: Lesson 17: Using