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Date Topic Name
2012-01-25Trojan Horse 1: Lesson 1: Install a C/C++ Compiler
2012-01-25Trojan Horse 1: Lesson 2: How to bundle a Trojan Horse with Netcat
2012-01-31Trojan Horse 1: Lesson 3: Placing the Trojan Horse on a Web Server
2012-02-01Trojan Horse 1: Lesson 4: Social Engineer Trojan Horse and Connect with Metasploit and Netcat
2012-02-08Trojan Horse 2: Lesson 1: How to create and bundle the metasploit msfpayload reverse_tcp
2012-02-08Trojan Horse 2: Lesson 2: Placing the Trojan Horse on a Web Server
2012-02-08Trojan Horse 2: Lesson 3: Social Engineered Trojan Horse sends Request Back to Metasploit